How to use


Please be sure to read through Steps 1 to 6 below. When you log in to our salon,Terms of Use and agree to the contents of "Step 6".

❶ COSIAS siteApplication formAfter sending from , you will receive a temporary password from the secretariat, so please log in from the sidebar.

❷ After logging in, please change the password in the account settings (image below).

*We recommend using the same password as for the COSIAS site to prevent forgetting (losing).

After changing your password, you will receive a notification email saying "Your password has been changed" at your registered email address.

If you want to delete or change your registered email address, please correct it in your account settings.

❸ Next, enter your real name in your profile settings (Japanese will be written in romaji).

❹ Next, enter your face photo and background. Basically, it is optional, but it would be helpful if you could set it (it will lead to the activation of the salon...).

Click the green button on the left to set your face photo⤵

Then click the pink button to set the background image⤵

See it in action →

There are various groups in our salon, and you can freely join or leave each group.

Groups are divided into two types according to usage patterns. One is a chat format, and the other is a bulletin board (forum) format. If the group name is "forum-", it will be a bulletin board (forum) format. Other groups will be in chat format.

The bulletin board (forum) is a field where members can freely create threads (topics) and return comments from everyone. The output of each member's wisdom and experience will produce a clinical synergy effect and will further increase our clinical IQ.

Bulletin boards (forums) are always searchable for information at a later time and can track articles by subject. Chatting, on the other hand, is not suitable for such information retrieval, but instead has the convenience (real-time convenience) of a means of communication.

I think that you can use it properly according to each purpose.

After setting up your profile, join each group and have fun. Groups to which you belongGroup listYou can check with

A group that says "Leave group" means you are already in it. Groups that say "apply for participation" are groups that you have not yet joined.

Here, we will explain using the chat-style "Welcome & Startup" as an example.

 Group listOn the page, click on the circled photo of the group you want to join to enter.

Once you are in the group, click the "Message" button in the menu below the image to enter the chat room.

You can send comments from the chat screen. You can easily edit or delete by right-clicking or long-pressing.

Note: Please note that even if you press and hold the post field, the edit or delete items may not be displayed depending on the type of terminal or browser.

See it in action →

In the forum (forum-), it is a topic post, not a chat format. Feel free to create topics (threads) within each group. And feel free to send comments.

After applying for participation, when you enter each forum-, first click the "Forum" button.

Then, a list of topics is displayed in the forum, and you can send your comments on the destination page by clicking on the individual titles.

An easy-to-understand explanation of how to edit and delete comments →

When someone posts in a group you belong to, all members receive a notification email. For example, in forum-B, suppose there is a topic post like the one below.

Then, all members of forum-B will receive an email like the one below. Clicking on the long URL will jump to the relevant article.

Even in chat-only groups, when someone comments, an email is sent to all members in the same way.

In the case of chat, you will receive an email with a design different from topic posts as shown above. And if you click "page" in the text, it jumps to the page, but in this case, it jumps to a page where nothing is displayed as below (I'm sorry that I can't fix the system problem). So, please enter from "Chat Room" in the menu bar.

Please see the video below for information on how to reject emails. After explaining the above contents, the setting method is explained.

See it in action →

In this paperArticle 6 of the Terms of Use (Prohibited Acts)Based on this, we would like to introduce more specific applicable rules. Please read the operating philosophy below first.

At this salon, the process of compiling a "clinical dictionary" is included in parallel while promoting exchanges between members. We aim to widely share actual clinical experience values that cannot be described in books, and to make use of them in the individual workplaces of our members.

In addition, in a completely new medical field that does not exist in existing medicine, such as the fusion of cognitive science and medical care and mind-body integrative therapy, there is always a relative stance, prejudice and prejudice, without adhering to the terminal station of an absolute answer. A neutral posture is desired.

If we take the "methodological constraints" and "Einsterling effect" that tend to be common in hardware theory as lessons, our stance will naturally converge on one point. That is the stance of not judging the opinions of others.

Due to the above (management philosophy),In this salon, it is strictly prohibited to criticize, criticize, deny, or judge individual comments in any situation.. In addition, sensitive topics related to people's beliefs and philosophies, such as politics, religion, war, and racial issues, are not permitted.

If there is a report of a violation or a possible violation, the Board of Directors will discuss how to deal with it. If a violation is found as a result, a yellow card will be shown for the first offense. A warning email will be sent from the secretariat and the comment will be deleted.

The same action will be taken for the second time. A third offense will result in a red card and account suspension without notice. You will not be able to log in to our salon, but your login to the COSIAS site will not be affected in any way (regular member accounts will be maintained).

We would like to ask for your cooperation in creating a bright and fun community without the fear of being judged by others.

When calling each other by name, we do not allow the honorific title "Mr. In our salon, we would like you to omit only the first name (the beginning is capitalized) and write it.
 Example) Taro Yamada → Mr. T Yamada 

Only the manager is an exception and will be "Akkun".