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This is the first entry point for new members. Please be sure to complete your profile settings before applying for participation.

Send me a message when you get in. The content can be just "Thank you", or you can write down your aspirations and requests, such as "a brief self-introduction, what you are aiming for, and what you expect from our salon." Either is OK. ➡please come in!

It is a free talk chat where you can freely talk regardless of genre. Whether it's work, travel, gourmet food, anything interesting, surprising, fun, exciting, happy, or cool, it doesn't matter. Please feel free to use it as a place to exchange information between members. ➡please come in!

Share information related to regular seminars. We will inform you of corrections and supplements to lecture content, minor corrections to technical updates, information on social gatherings, changes to the schedule, etc. Please be sure to enter the members who are participating in the seminar.

Even if you are a member who has not participated in the seminar, you will have the advantage of obtaining supplementary information related to the seminar, so please feel free to participate. ➡please come in!

For COSIAS directors only. I would appreciate it if the board members would check without omission. ➡please come in!

Questions that I felt during daily treatments, such as "Is this kind of problem only me?" Feel free to ask any clinical questions you may have, such as members' perspectives and impressions!

Your question can be an invaluable asset to someone else. Sometimes it leads to new discoveries and clinical skills up. Brain activity and intestinal activity are important, but “Rinkatsu” is also important for us! It doesn't matter what it is, so let's share information with the members and increase the production of clinical drawers. ➡please come in!

Anything related to articles and videos on the COSIAS site is fine. For example, "There is a meaningless term in the article or video, I want additional information about XX, I can't find the page about XX that I saw before," etc.

We would like to improve the academic society site so that all members can input more efficiently by asking questions and viewpoints of members. Thank you very much. ➡please come in!

COSIA (Cognitive Science Integrated Approach) is expected to be used in various scenes such as complementary and alternative medicine, relaxation, healing, nursing care, education, childcare, welfare, and corporate health management, in addition to the medical field.

Promotional activities (public relations, advertising, marketing) to make the new genre of mind-body integrative therapy a global standard, including topics that explore the optimal solution for individual cases, questions in the business environment, and management perspectives at individual sites. etc.), questions, considerations, and proposals.

Our mission includes a mission to create new markets (categories that have never existed before) within the medical or health industry. Our work is non-volunteer and we need to make our values known to the world in order to be rewarded and rewarded. We ask for your cooperation. ➡please come in!

We encounter various cases in our daily work. Especially in a category like our association (general clinical / COSIA), it is possible to accumulate a wide variety of clinical data, which is a really big advantage. I would love to share these experiences with you.

"I experienced such a case" "This approach gave me a good prognosis" "I tried the XX technique I saw in the video and got this result" "CPS (1) at the first visit is impossible." As a result!”, please tell us about your experiences. ➡please come in!

This is a talk room where Nakasako-san, the director of our association, and the manager talk on a daily basis. Since the conversation is very intimate, it is absolutely NG to be exposed to the so-called "hard man" (a jargon limited to this group). It's too risky to stream live, so I'll post an edited version with a mild flavor. Since this group will be a forum style, it is OK to post comments as usual. ➡please come in!

This corner introduces books recommended by members. Any genre is welcome. Please let me know if there is a book you have read recently that says, "It was interesting! I learned a lot! I was moved!" It's fine if it's something you've read in the past, "This was a masterpiece!" or "This book changed my life!" Also, I found a book called "Nanchara ga 90%" and "Brain Activity Method...Nanchara" on the internet. Has anyone read it already? It's ok to post like this. When introducing recommended books, it would be helpful if you could add a very brief book review, such as a particular recommendation for this person. The administrator will introduce a number of famous books that we believe will be essential for the development of COSIA and comprehensive clinical approaches. ➡please come in!

This is a group to share information about mirror therapy and mirror tapping. In order to understand software theory, the most important field that is essential for clinical practice related to the illusion of mirror image perception. This is an essential area for deepening our understanding of the expression of brain elastic plasticity, including the classical concept of neuroplasticity. Despite being an extremely non-invasive intervention, it is a precious world that shows us the amazing before and after. The hardware theorists of the anti-soft theory (those who assert that the cause of pain is all the response of nociceptors) also do not interfere in this field (they cannot stand in the same arena), so in that sense In this regard, the Group may or may not be permitted to disclose information to the general public. There must be medical professionals all over the world who will be greatly inspired by seeing this kind of information. However, for the time being, I would like to make this salon a place to raise each other's clinical IQ. ➡please come in!

Request to start a new groupherefrom here.

*Groups other than forums: chat format (almost the same as FB messenger, allowing easy and hassle-free communication, but it is difficult to extract a theme and view it later, as in forums)

When calling each other by name, we do not allow the honorific title "Mr. In our salon, we would like you to omit only the first name (the beginning is capitalized) and write it.
 Example) Taro Yamada → Mr. T Yamada   

Only the manager is an exception and will be "Akkun".

Basic lecture on brain and pain [clipping video]

As a preparation for knowledge "Intervertebral disc transfunction theory” is recommended in advance.

Clipping video of the online seminar hosted by Director Takeda in November 2022.